What is Love Peridot?

Love Peridot /ləv/ per-ə-dō(t)  is a collection of accessories and gifts curated with the ambitious woman in mind. We search all over the world to find the perfect accessory that will motivate you in the workplace, in your side hustle and even at home. From mugs to books to candles to journals, you are bound to find that unique and must have. We aim to have an accessory that contributes and impacts your ambitious lifestyle in some way. You'll also find quite a few fellow small business faves on the shelves as we LOVE to support!


About the Owner

Love Peridot Owner  

Hey! I’m D’Cher. Owner and Curator of this awesome business I endearingly named Love Peridot because I just love August. I'm a recovering journal addict (I have 10 and counting). I need at least one shot of espresso in my dirty chai. No. Make that two. And I love the feeling of a well- made pen. Oh, and let's not talk about my mug addiction. In my corporate job (YES I still work in corporate while running Love Peridot) I noticed a lack of things that speak to my ambitious side - the hustler, the go-getter, the woman that goes out and makes things happen. It's something about the words, "you got this" or "hustle" that motivate me to be my absolute best. So I travel all over to find accessories and gifts that do the same for you. I hope you love the products and use them to motivate your hustle.

Welcome, browse and enjoy!
Love Peridot